Concierge Lounge Space

Mid-Century Modern Private Event Venue at the Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel

Concierge Lounge at the Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel

Immerse yourself in the exclusive ambiance of the Concierge Lounge at the Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel. This glass-walled private event space is an enclave of style within the vibrant lobby of the most historic hotel in Asbury Park, NJ. This unique space is both open and intimate; a serene oasis of people-watching amid the hotel's lively atmosphere.

As you step into our Concierge Lounge, you're welcomed by an expansive U-shaped sofa, perfectly designed for comfortable team meetings, collaborations, podcast and interview backdrops. Accompanied by a multi-purpose co-working table and chairs, the lounge is ideal for both impromptu connections and productive sessions.

A true testament to Mid-Century Modern aesthetics, with every detail carefully curated to embody this timeless style. A throwback to the greatest days of yester year, the lounge is complete with a warm-toned cowhide rug and artwork featuring Johnny Cash, a previous owner of the Berkeley Hotel.

Perfect for business meetings, private social events, or a tranquil work-from-not-home retreat, the Berkeley Hotel's Concierge Lounge is designed to suit a variety of needs with panache. It's more than just a space; it's an experience that captivates. Contact our Sales Team to inquire about availability and pricing!


Natural Light
Premium WiFi
Full Bar Facility
A/V Equipment
Ornate Chandeliers

Capacity Chart

Total Area



Ceiling Height

Max Capacity

Corporate Events

Celebrations & Weddings


Concierge Lounge Space 493.00 ft2 - 23.5 ' x 21 ' 9.5 ' - 30 - 10
  • Total Area
    493.00 ft2
  • Floorplan
  • Dimensions
    23.5 ' x 21 '
  • Ceiling Height
    9.5 '
  • Max Capacity
  • Corporate Events
  • Celebrations & Weddings
  • Meetings/Classroom
Rooftop Wedding Ceremonies at the Berkeley Hotel

Rooftop Wedding Ceremonies at the Berkeley Hotel Asbury Park NJ

Rooftop Wedding Ceremonies at the Berkeley Hotel Asbury Park NJ

Rooftop Wedding Ceremonies at the Berkeley Hotel Asbury Park NJ

Nestled along the scenic shores of Asbury Park, New Jersey, The Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel offers an exquisite selection of captivating and adaptable event spaces, each one imbued with a harmonious blend of classic Old World elegance and contemporary luxury. Perfectly suited for enchanting weddings, lively celebrations, engaging meetings, and memorable special events, this 100-year-old hotel stands as an iconic beacon of grace and sophistication. Set against the coveted backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean, guests are transported to a realm of timeless beauty where every detail is meticulously crafted to create a magical ambiance. From the majesty of grand ballrooms to the allure of modern amenities, The Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel transforms every occasion into an extraordinary affair, leaving an indelible impression upon all who gather within its storied walls.