Crystal Ballroom

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Elegant Crystal Ballroom inside the Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel Asbury Park
Weddings and Dancing at the Berkeley Hotel Asbury Park New Jersey
Elegant Ballroom Setup at the Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel New Jersey

The Crystal Ballroom within the Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel presents an exquisite tableau of timeless elegance, designed to enchant guests with its blend of classic charm and modern sophistication. As one enters the ballroom, the opulent crystal chandeliers immediately capture the gaze, suspended from the ornately detailed white ceiling, each one casting a radiant glow that enhances the room's natural light. These grand chandeliers, reminiscent of the finest European traditions, set a tone of luxury and grandeur. The light reflects off the polished dance floor, beckoning guests to partake in a waltz or an elegant soiree.

The ballroom's expansive Palladian windows, framed by sumptuous draperies, offer sweeping Atlantic Ocean views that promise to add a romantic backdrop to any event. The walls are adorned with white paneling and decorative moulding, contributing to the room's regal atmosphere. Brides and grooms with a grand vision for their wedding day invariably choose The Berkeley’s Crystal Ballrooms. With its glittering crystal chandeliers and cathedral ceilings, this iconic ballroom is the picture of romance. 

The ambiance is one of refined celebration, a space where every detail, from the towering columns to the graceful arches, harmonizes to create an unforgettable setting for weddings, galas, and high-profile receptions. This ballroom is not just a venue; it is the heart of the hotel, where memories are made and milestones celebrated with pomp and splendor. 


Natural Light
Premium WiFi
Crystal Chandeliers
Dance Floor

Capacity Chart

Total Area



Ceiling Height

Max Capacity

Corporate Events

Celebrations & Weddings


Crystal Ballroom 4400.00 ft2 Floorplanopens in a new tab 43' x 105' 17' - 350 440 183
  • Total Area
    4400.00 ft2
  • Dimensions
    43' x 105'
  • Ceiling Height
  • Max Capacity
  • Corporate Events
  • Celebrations & Weddings
  • Meetings/Classroom
Rooftop Wedding Ceremonies at the Berkeley Hotel

Nestled along the scenic shores of Asbury Park, New Jersey, The Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel offers an exquisite selection of adaptable event spaces, each one imbued with a harmonious blend of classic Old World elegance and contemporary luxury. Perfectly suited for enchanting weddings, lively celebrations, engaging meetings, and memorable special events, this 100-year-old hotel stands as an iconic beacon of grace and sophistication. Set against the coveted backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean, guests are transported to a realm of timeless beauty where every detail is meticulously crafted to create a magical ambiance. From the majesty of grand ballrooms to the allure of modern amenities, The Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel transforms every occasion into an extraordinary affair, leaving an indelible impression upon all who gather within its storied walls.